We need YOUR help!

Did you know that agriculture in Maui County and Hawaii is currently under fire?
Here are just some of our many challenges:

·      Hawaii is the most remote location on Earth from a continuous land mass.
·      90% of Hawaii’s consumer goods are imported.
·       Hawaii has only 11 days worth of food should our transportation system stop.
·      93% of Hawaii’s energy is from imported fuels.
·       Invasive species threaten our crops and livestock.
·      Our islands’ farms continue to struggle (88% have annul revenue less than $50K).
·      The average age for our local farmers and ranchers is 60.
·      Access to water for agricultural use continues to be a challenge.
·      Export of cattle has increased due to lack of feed.
·      Transportation costs continue to rise. It is especially costly to ship goods to market from Maui & Molokai.
·      Mounting regulatory challenges from County and State are being piled on top of existing Federal laws.
·      Activists’ imposing their misinformed views on how our farms should operate and severe weather add to the challenges for our local farmers and ranchers.

The overall picture for agriculture is a very challenging one. Never before has there been such a dire need for a broad-based community support of agriculture, and for all of agriculture to unite. 

Our Policy Makers and the public say agriculture is important. But, actions speak louder than words. Hawaii’s agriculture industry needs your kokua, your help!

Please join the Maui County Farm Bureau and many of our island’s farmers and ranchers in keeping agriculture a viable industry here at home.

Click to sign the petition: Support Hawaii Farmers Now

For more information on how you can help ensure the future of ag in Hawaii, please contact us or visit our Kokua Ag Facebook page. Mahalo for helping to grow our future together.

Maui County Farm Bureau is a grassroots 501(c)(5) organization of farms and ranch families, agricultural industries, and associated organizations dedicated to supporting agriculture in Maui County. For more information, visit www.MauiCountyFarmBureau.org